Eplus Coin is the simplest way to exchange money at very low costs.


Eplus Coin is completely internet-based; it has no entities and it provides a variety of interfaces. Whether it is a transactional transfer, E-commerce, or just a cup of coffee in a café, Eplus Coin can meet most of your needs.

In Control

Eplus Coin is a completely distributed; open sourced virtual currency with no management center. Eplus Coin is self-controlled; its developers cannot freely increase or decrease the quantity of Eplus Coin and cannot be arbitrarily created nor confiscated by anyone.

Open & Transparent

The developers of Eplus Coin made the greatest effort to guarantee that the system is open and transparent. Eplus Coin source codes are also available to the public for checking and to ensure that there would be no possibility of fraud.

Fast International Payments

Sending Eplus Coins across borders is as easy as sending them across the street. There are no banks that would make you wait three business days, no extra fees for international transfers and no sending amount limit.

Choose your own fees

Receiving Eplus Coins are free. Having multiple wallets lets you control fees when spending. Most wallets have default fees but higher fees can make transaction confirmations faster.


Eplus Coin is an encrypted currency, which requires a private key to be accessed and can be isolated or stored in any storage medium. Only the user can access it.

Adding EPLUS token to your wallet

Most wallets don‘t automatically show new ERC-20 tokens. Please follow these additional necessary steps to view your EPLUS token balance in your wallet. Each wallet’s process is different and will need our EPLUS token information below. EPLUS Token Information:
Contract Address:
Name / Symbol:
Decimal Places/Precision: