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Eplus Coin is a worldwide entertainment based cryptocurrency. It is a digital payment system called decentralized digital currency because it works without a central repository or a single administrator. Eplus Coin was created by Eplus Coin Technologies Ltd. in 2017, which is comprised of experienced programmers and was released as an open-source software in 2017. The system and its transactions are on a peer-to-peer basis.

Besides its creation as a reward for mining, Eplus Coin can be exchanged to other digital currencies, in-game items and other entertainment services in legal markets.

Characteristics and Advantages

World Class



The entertainment industry has always been the most exiting industry. According to surveys; over the past two decades, the global entertainment industry has been on an upward growth trend. Its market size has doubled compared in 2001. Eplus Coin has successfully merged both the online and offline components of the entertainment industry especially Mixed Martial Art.


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Digital currency will soon replace the cash method of payment and will become the most popular payment method in the future. Eplus Coin is the first digital currency in the Games & Entertainment industry.


Eplus Coin is good with transferability. It is far better than any other physical currency and quite better than other payment systems. Not only is Eplus Coin fast and fairly quick with settling transactions, it is borderless.


Eplus Coin fails miserably in the area of acceptance but try buying a sandwich with Eplus Coin today and you’ll go hungry because few people and businesses accept it. This is a real problem but it is nothing to Eplus Coin. When Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record, people didn’t understand that credit cards were as good as cash. (Watch the video two to three times if you need to because it’s not only a great moment in sports.) Acceptance of different form-factors of value and payment can change.


How many billions of dollars per year do we pay for storage and transfer of money? Eplus Coin is free.


Assuming the algorithms work as advertised, the quantity of Eplus Coin will rise to a pre-established level of about 21 million over the next couple of decades and will never increase after that. This compares favorably to fiat currencies, the quantity of which are amended by their managers, sometimes quite dramatically, to undercut their value. If you want to hold money, holding Eplus Coin is a better deal than holding dollars. Which brings us to…


Without central planners around to carefully debase its value,Eplus Coin might go deflationary, with people refusing to spend it while it rises against all other stores of value and goods. Arguably, that’s what’s happening in the current Eplus Coin price-spike. People are buying it in anticipation of its future increase in value.


Eplus Coin allows payments to be made with very little chance of being tracked. There is just a “little chance” because there is a small chance of tracking payments on the network. Sophisticated efforts are done to mask the payments and will need sophisticated efforts to track them as well. Relatively speaking, though payment systems like checks, credit cards, and online transfers are very easy to track; cash is pretty hard to track. So, Eplus Coin stacks up well against other formal payment systems.


The toughest challenge for Eplus Coin is security. Most people have no idea how to store computer codes reliably and prevent others from gaining access. Individuals have lost Eplus Coins because of hard drive crashes (this will cause small losses in the total quantity of Eplus Coin overtime). Eplus Coin exchanges have collapsed due to hackers breaking in and there is a genuine risk that virus might camp on your computer waiting for you to open your wallet file (unless your wallet file is encrypted) and they will send your Eplus Coin to heaven-knows-where the moment you do.

Why was Eplus Coin created?

With the Games & Entertainment industry growing, Eplus Coin will make investing in Games & Entertainment smooth and simple.

Digital currency will soon replace the cash method of payment and will become the most popular payment method in the future. Eplus Coin is the first digital currency in the Games & Entertainment industry!

The Entertainment & Internet Finance is one of the industries that will not slow down as the world is getting more technological!

Edwin Klooster is an experienced programmer and was a former Tech Division Head at Thomsons Online Benefits. He was invited to an IT advisor for Shazam in 2007. Being an IT for quite some time, he gained knowledge about the IT industry, which inspired him to establish his own company with a set of new goals and direction.

Edwin Klooster (CTO)(CEO at Eplus Coin)